Welcome to my website. Here you will find information about my creative and scientific projects as well as blogging about current events, often from an environmental and egalitarian perspective with a personal angle. Somethings I care deeply about are animal rights, human rights, equality, the environment and space exploration.  I work creatively in many mediums as traditional art (painting, sculptures and drawings), music (composing, singing, playing piano, recording and editing), writing (fiction, poetry, commercial, inspirational and academic). 


Master of Science with a major in Environmental Science ( August 27 2020) Swedish University of Agricultural sciences
Master program (2017-2019) in environmental communication and management (120 credits). 
  • Field course in Collaboration and Learning in Natural Resource Management
  • Conflict, democracy and process management
  • Communication theory and strategy
  • The context and process of research in theory and method
  • Qualitative methods of the process of research: data analysis and academic writing
Postgraduate studies (2017) University of Kwazulu Natal
Linnaeus-Palme scholarship for exchange studies
  • Research methodology
  • Global communication
Bachelor of Arts ( June 9 2017) University of Gävle
Information program 180 credits. Thesis: The Silent Years: Ecofeminism in Swedish Printed Press 1995-2016 (gender science).
  • Project management and media ethics
  • Strategic communication
  • Visual communication
  • Crisis communication
  • Risk communication
  • Organization communication
  • Rhetoric
  • Typography
  • Semiotics
  • Storytelling
Drama (2002-2003) Luleå University of Technology
Drama 37, 5 credits    
  • Drama
  • Narration
  • Improvisation
  • Acting
  • Performing arts
  • Theater production
  • Stage setting
  • Masks and make-up
Art program (1994-1995) Sunderby Folkhögskola
  • Oil painting
  • Watercolor
  • Wood sculpture
  • Clay sculpture
  • Textile art
  • Sketching
  • Metal sculpture
  • Etching
  • Designing art exhibitions
Chronology of employments, studies and enterprises. 
1989- 1990 Café assistant, Café Symphonie, Luleå, Sweden
1990- 1992 Maternity leave
1992-1993 Book store manager and art gallerist at Tankarnas Trädgård, Luleå Sweden
1994-1995 Art program at Sunderby Folkhögskola, Luleå Sweden
1996- 1997 Fabric store assistant at Södermans Modetyger, Stockholm Sweden
1997- 1999 Department store assistant at Åhléns City, Stockholm Sweden
1999- 2012 CEO Pinkeye Productions, clothing design, music production, theatre, art, performance, publishing and creating media content
2010-2012 Personal assistant, Gävle Municipality, Sweden
2012-2013 Telemarketing, 118700, Gävle Sweden
2014- 2017 Media and communication Bachelor’s program at University of Gävle, Sweden
2016- current CEO Pinkeye Illustrations, illustration and media content bureau
2017-2017 Linnaeus Palme scholarship postgraduate studies at University of Kwazulu Natal, Durban, South Africa
2017-2019 Environmental communication and management Master’s program at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden
2018- current CEO Cleos Tarot, personal development and psychic readings
2019- current CEO Angelina Elander, communication consultations for organizations, companies and individuals. 


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