Welcome to my website. Here you will find information about my creative and scientific projects as well as blogging about current events, often from an environmental and egalitarian perspective with a personal angle. I care deeply about animal rights, human rights, equality, the environment and space exploration.  I work creatively in many mediums as traditional art (painting, sculptures and drawings), music (composing, singing, playing piano, recording and editing), writing (fiction, poetry, commercial, inspirational and academic). I have a masters degree in environmental sciences (environmental communication and management) and a bachelors degree in media and communication sciences. I also work with helping people through counselling from an esoteric perspective. 


Master of Science with a major in Environmental Science ( August 27 2020) Swedish University of Agricultural sciences
Master program (2017-2019) in environmental communication and management (120 credits). 
  • Field course in Collaboration and Learning in Natural Resource Management
  • Conflict, democracy and process management
  • Communication theory and strategy
  • The context and process of research in theory and method
  • Qualitative methods of the process of research: data analysis and academic writing
Postgraduate studies (2017) University of Kwazulu Natal
Linnaeus-Palme scholarship for exchange studies (15 credits)
  • Research methodology
  • Global communication
Environmental psychology (2022) Lund University
E-course in environmental psychology (15 credits)
  • Theories in environmental psychology
  • Methods for different levels of investigation
  • Project: Human-environment interaction

Bachelor of Arts ( June 9 2017) University of Gävle
Information program 180 credits. Thesis: The Silent Years: Ecofeminism in Swedish Printed Press 1995-2016 (gender science).
  • Project management and media ethics
  • Strategic communication
  • Visual communication
  • Crisis communication
  • Risk communication
  • Organization communication
  • Rhetoric
  • Typography
  • Semiotics
  • Storytelling
Religious Studies  (2020-2021) University Gävle
Religious Studies, 30 credits
  • Journey through multi-religious Sweden
  • The history of Abraham's God
  • Myths and rituals from ancient to contemporary times
  • The mystical path

Drama (2002-2003) Luleå University of Technology
Drama 37, 5 credits    
  • Drama
  • Narration
  • Improvisation
  • Acting
  • Performing arts
  • Theater production
  • Stage setting
  • Masks and make-up
Art program (1994-1995) Sunderby Folkhögskola
  • Oil painting
  • Watercolor
  • Wood sculpture
  • Clay sculpture
  • Textile art
  • Sketching
  • Metal sculpture
  • Etching
  • Designing art exhibitions
Chronology of employments, studies and enterprises. 
1989- 1990 Café assistant, Café Symphonie, Luleå, Sweden
1990- 1992 Maternity leave
1992-1993 Book store manager and art gallerist at Tankarnas Trädgård, Luleå Sweden
1994-1995 Art program at Sunderby Folkhögskola, Luleå Sweden
1996- 1997 Fabric store assistant at Södermans Modetyger, Stockholm Sweden
1997- 1999 Department store assistant at Åhléns City, Stockholm Sweden
1999- 2012 CEO Pinkeye Productions, clothing design, music production, theatre, art, performance, publishing and creating media content
2010-2012 Personal assistant, Gävle Municipality, Sweden
2012-2013 Telemarketing, 118700, Gävle Sweden
2014- 2017 Media and communication Bachelor’s program at University of Gävle, Sweden
2016- current CEO Pinkeye Illustrations, illustration and media content bureau
2017-2017 Linnaeus Palme scholarship postgraduate studies at University of Kwazulu Natal, Durban, South Africa
2017-2019 Environmental communication and management Master’s program at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden
2018- current CEO Cleos Tarot, personal development and psychic readings
2019- current CEO Angelina Elander, communication consultations for organizations, companies and individuals. 
2020-2021 University of Gävle, religious studies
2021-2022 University of Lund, environmental psychology


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