Corona: sushi anyone?

I wonder how the new Wuhan Corona virus ( there are older corona viruses called SARS and MERS too) affect Asian people in general. Are they being subjected to racism because of Corona? Do people walk by the sushi bar and think, mm yummy, but maybe I shouldn't risk it, if they have imported something from China recently? Which perhaps Asian restaurants and sushi bars do regularly, some spices only available there, dog meat, koi fish? If you see Asian looking people on the street, do you become afraid to get infected with the Corona virus? We easily transfer irrational fears upon innocent people judging by their appearance and have preconceptions regarding personal qualities seen as belonging to a certain appearance or ethnicity. Maybe something for future research. Stupid of me to post it here, as some eager-beaver-can't find any ideas of my own-researcher could steal it. But if you read it, you know the idea came from me. But, I think research has been done in nearby fields. Perhaps regarding the older versions of the Corona viruses. I have a craving for sushi though, think I should risk it? Shame on me for even contemplating non vegan food, but I try to eat as much plant based food as possible. My fangs indicate I'm a carnivore, but my heart is too soft. I hope the Chinese see the karma is this though and stop eating wild animals, dogs and cats. I hope we all see the karma and stop eating animals all together.  Where's the vegan sushi bar at?

It sure didn't take long for the eager beaver to appear. 


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