Help the Australian animals

The Australia fires has affected one billion animal lives. It's an incomprehensible amount. The first instinct is to go down there and help out. I have many times said that I would drop everything for the opportunity to work with wild animals.  Nobody can be unaffected by the horrendous images of burned koalas and kangaroos, some trapped in fences and unable to flee the scorching flames. The response to this tragedy is very emotional and as humans we tend to resort to blaming instead of taking responsibility and action. As Australia is the canary of the climate change coalmine, we see this tragedy as a result of climate change. Although seasonal fires are common in Australia, the arguments go that climate change has made them worse. Celebrities are donating millions to rescue organizations and people in Australia are working day and night to save the animals left alive. We do what we can to help or to ease our bad conscience. What can I do? Inform, discuss, demonstrate, pray for rain? When all hope is lost, humans do pray and forget about logic and reason. Perhaps it's the ultimate test of mind over matter. If you have money this would be a good time to make them useful.

How to help:


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