Pizzazz is the word

Remember I said it first. Melodifestivalen are such copycats. When did my bowel movement become a matter of national importance? Yes, yes I dumped them all, because they were shit. The so called Valentinos. Well, well. Bye, bye. I finally got the time to watch Joker. It was painful, a sad film about being an outcast in society and how murderers are sculpted from the cradle by abusive parents and an oppressive and abusive society. I recommend watching it. Joaquin Phoenix deserved that Oscar, but what is more important is that he seized the opportunity and made a statement about animal rights instead of basking in the ego glory of the glamour show. We as a society glorify actors way too much. They are basically just playing around and pretending, having fun and being way too overpaid. Anyway, it's nice to see someone using their fame and social status to speak up for the animals. I would like to see more actors doing this. 

Funny facts: this old man is 4 years younger than me. 


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