Purpose of Corona

The conspiracy theories about the Corona virus are numerous. The most common one is that it's a laboratory constructed virus that 'escaped', in order to test its effects, perhaps as part of biological warfare. Apparently it's a deadly weapon. Apart from the conspiracy against the Chinese government's attempts to cover it up one could take the thought and run with it. If a bigger international conspiracy is behind it , what could it be and what is the purpose? To sell vaccines. There is always some sort of profit involved. To normalize the use of face masks and respiratory masks could be another. Everyone must have one. To keep people secluded to their homes as much as possible and to prevent people from travelling. So, what is really going on? Another alien invasion? To take attention away from, what? The environmental degradation, the extinction of wild animals, the meat/dairy/fur-industry, wars, corruption, racism, anti-feminism and all the other 'regular' injustices we are accustomed to hearing about. Face mask makes you anonymous. To make people avoid human contact. stop procreation? To immobilize societies, and infrastructures. It's starting to sound like biological terrorism. To in a Darwinian manner weed out the week and decrease the global population and mitigate the effects of the overpopulation. In order to save the environment of course. For the healthy and wealthy. 


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