The importance of support

Fitness. I don't like the word. If you are Swedish you understand. It can however be utilized in a feminist fashion. Gives it a little pizzazz. At the age of 50 I have started to worry about my forthcoming physical decay. When the body decides it's time for aging. I wish I had been more physically active in my 30's (except for some random yoga),  but I was with an extremely lazy guy who never wanted to do anything, a slacker (remember those?). That conditioned me into a lifestyle of leisure which eventually became frustrating. I was very creatively active though, had to channel my energy somewhere and he did think everything I created was brilliant and that I was a genius, all true of course. Now, that I have basically created everything there is to create in every creative field I am more interested in what I can still do with my body. I am never so happy as when I'm at the gym. It may sound strange but working out has become something I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy. I'm not doing it because I fear aging or to look better or get the perfect body. I do it because it makes me happy. It also makes me a little bit sad, because I realize the potential in my body and how much I could have done with it when it was younger, stronger and more flexible. I did dance ballet until my 20's and I should never have stopped, but I got no encouragement from anybody. I remember pretending to be less good to make them like me, jumping less graciously, not so high. They though I thought I was something, which was the worst thing I could believe, so I pretended I was nothing, which didn't help either. Now I absolutely don't care what anybody thinks and just enjoy every moment with my magnificent body as long as it lasts. I don't mean to blame any former ballet teacher or ex boyfriends for not taking the matter in my own hands either, but we live together in this world and it's important that we support each other. I also want to brag about being a good girl and doing my sit-ups. Here's a small clip of me working out in South Africa back in 2017.


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