My new hobby (Mars)

This blog was certainly not set up for Corona, but here we are in the midst of the pandemic and most of us are advised to self-isolate and practice social distancing when being outdoors. This has led to an excess of time, or an excuse to use time for other purposes than we normally do. As I have already suspected the corona pandemic to be a drill for something bigger coming our way, conspiracy theorist as I am at whim, then I have started looking at videos from outer space on YouTube.  Soon I can entitle myself to be a real space explorer. I have visited the Orion nebula and been amazed at Betelgeuse, Saturn and its moons, especially Titan, Neptune and its moon Triton, Jupiter, Pluto and Mars ( and a few more). I have learned about the Oort cloud, collisions of galaxies, black holes, you name it. However, I have taken a particular interest in Mars as the rovers and Hubble are providing so many compelling images that it's really hard to stop looking. We are now considering how to terraform Mars, but what I find even more interesting is speculating about what type of civilizations that could have lived there. Now they are probably long gone as the planet has gone cold and barren, but all the images we are seeing suggests there are ruins, caves, worms, helmets, nails, cannon balls, garages , 'blueberries' and much more that indicates there was once a civilization. I especially find the ruins and caves interesting. I could well imagine there might be 'people' still there, living underground and using the caves as doorways. There are theories that Mars was once like Earth, with oceans, vegetation and various lifeforms. What looks like a dinosaur scull has been found and other types of bones. Looking at the surface it in on several locations looks like rubble from buildings or constructions that has been shattered to pieces. If Mars was once like Earth, then perhaps they suffered some type of catastrophe as being hit by comets, nuclear war, environmental degradation or it was so long ago that the sun got cooler and life [almost] died out because of that. Maybe some of them migrated to Earth when the humans were still unable to notice, or perhaps they did? All the Inca artifacts depicting aliens, the pyramids and other ancient remnants. Since the building blocks of life are according to what we know now, universal, then Marsian life might even have the same DNA as life on Earth. 

Stay safe, take care and use your time wisely.


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