Covid-19 map from WHO
On the website of WHO there is another map showing how it has spread even more. Covid- 19 has been declared as a pandemic and countries are basically shutting down, borders are closed, travels prevented and mass gatherings (500 people) are prohibited, at least in Sweden.  People in Sweden complain that the government aren't taking appropriate action in order to curb the pandemic and have started to bunker toilet-paper, soap and food. WHO and the Swedish ministry of health are both saying that the virus is not particularly dangerous to people in general, that only a small percentage of the risk groups (people over 85 or and people weakened by other diseases) gets severely ill and risk dying.  How people and countries react to this is completely irrational, a panic is spreading, mass hypnosis. People can suddenly not speak five sentences without mentioning corona. One wonders what is true. If Covid-19 is not that dangerous why are people panicking? Why are countries closing their borders and soon announcing public curfew. What is the next step in this downward spiral? Looting of shops and increased criminality, if we follow historical precedents.  Do the countries shutting their borders have access to information about Covid-19 that is not released to the public? Or is this something else entirely? A global drill to see how we would manage other global crises perhaps, or to prepare us for a coming more dangerous threat. The collapse of the ecosystem perhaps, that the climate crisis has emerged faster that predicted. Or, my favorite of course, an alien invasion. What is important to see here, is that it's power play as usual. The governments react to the panic of the people, which is propelled by media, strategically to calm the population down and not because Covid-19 presents any major threat. Or, WHO and the Swedish ministry of health lives in denial or are lying. What is more likely? Is it all a scam to stop the refugees?


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