Corona continued

Here in Sweden they are talking about a flattening of the curve and people are starting to ignore the suggested restrictions and are going out to pubs and crowding on the streets in Stockholm. In northern Sweden that has not happened yet to the same extent. The people in northern Sweden are notorious for being secluded and isolated as part of the culture, which is often a subject of amusement for other more naturally social regions in southern Sweden. Nonetheless, people are not wearing mouth guards here and are not keeping the recommended distance either. This is the danger with talking about a flattening of the curve, that people are starting to loosen up and ignoring the recommended behavior, which can lead to an increased spreading of the virus. However, if we want to achieve herd immunity it is preferable to spread the virus to as many as possible, which sounds paradoxical considering how lethal it is. I am soon going down to southern Sweden again where the estimated rate of infection is the double, so I must be very careful. I have stayed here in northern Sweden helping my mother with grocery shopping and other tasks that require contact with people, but have taught her how to shop online so she will manage on her own now.  It has been very restraining to not have my own life and it will be heaven to get it back. Being here for two months has made me amazed at how I ever survived a long term relationship. The idea of sharing every day living in the same house or apartment with someone seems horrific. I am very comfortable in my own company and any future relationship will require a mansion. I will miss the cats though. On a brighter note, I have observed the people and learned more about small town behavior and culture during a time of crisis, which will come in handy for future research projects. It is important to have a creative outlet though, which I have found in making new camera effects from old paintings. The most recent is a pair of glasses where the texture is made from an abstract painting. I think this pattern would look good on real glasses as well. I have also started a new painting that I hope to finish and share with you before I leave. 

Stay safe and take care.


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