Quarantine, muzzles and inner peace.

I am still stuck in northern Sweden taking care of the risk group in the family. Including myself, I am 50 now, so not completely safe. I am trying to avoid people as much as possible and have sewn muzzles for the family, double lined in various nice colors, patterns and sizes. In Sweden muzzles are questioned, if they are needed in public, while in other countries they are mandatory. If you keep your muzzle clean, wash it after each time you used it, and have several of course, then you at least prevent yourself from infecting others. However, they are not completely reliable when it comes to protecting you from being infected. I have been trying to find some information regarding muzzles in Sweden online, but I can't find any reliable source, so the matter remains dubious.  Staying safe and staying healthy is important during this crisis, but how do you stay safe and healthy during a stressful time as this. People who are stuck in their own homes might have it easier, but if you are stuck in a situation or with people that you are not completely comfortable with it creates additional stress that lowers your immune defense and makes you more susceptible to the virus. So, practicing inner peace is just as important as social distancing in order to stay safe and healthy. Giving in to fear and panic is the most dangerous thing anyone can do at any time. Not just because it creates unhealthy stress, but because it increases the risk of irrational behavior. We don't want crazed mobs running around in the streets, protesting against Corona, smashing windows, torching cars, coughing at old people, vandalizing, stealing and committing crimes of violence. If you don't practice on your inner peace you are at risk ending up in that crazy mob. Something that I find soothing is watching the NASA live channel with Earth views, but of course going through your chakras might also work. Do what works for you.


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