A few words about sex trafficking

For you who follow Swedish media it has been unavoidable to notice the recent scandal where a male celebrity was caught buying sex from a woman. The woman was from a poor country in eastern Europe and was forced to Sweden to sell her body up to 30 times per day in order to support her family in her home country. The celebrity claimed in an interview just hours after he was caught that he though she had been forced there. This lead to a debate whether he had made himself guilty of a more serious crime as negligent rape. Negligent rape is when a person has sex with someone while suspecting or knowing there is no actual consent of the act. Which was the case here, as she didn't want to sell her body but was forced to, or felt that she was forced to.  The outrage aside from that he will probably get off the hook, become more famous and make more money than ever, is that this is happening every day to women and children all over the world. It's not until a household celebrity gets caught that people react. All of a sudden it is not taboo to talk about sex trafficking anymore and people are donating money to help organizations that support women to break free from sex trafficking. So, in a sense something good came out of this. Unfortunately this celebrity will of course profit from that story too when he writes his new self-help book about how he changed the world by taking advantage of a woman who was a victim of poverty and patriarchy. Hopefully this woman and others in the same situation will get help now and the issue of sex trafficking be brought out in the daylight. However, it's disgusting to read all the comments from middle aged men claiming to know several happy whores who sell their bodies voluntarily. I don't believe for a second that anybody sells their body voluntarily and I have no respect for people who feels they have the right to buy another persons body for sex. Sex trafficking is always rape and punishments for rape must be more severe. Getting just fines for rape is an insult towards the victim. 

Support Talita to help women who are victims of sex trafficking in Sweden.


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