Happy Mother's Day!

Today it is Mother's Day in Sweden and for some strange reason, unheard of ever before, I woke up at half past five in the morning and felt like I had slept enough and that it was time to get up. This has basically never happened before. Being a lifelong night owl I usually sleep well until noon. But not today.  Thinking about all the mothers around the world who cannot see their children today, because of Corona, long distance, family disputes or other reasons.  I think about my grandmother who's crystal pitcher I accidentally broke yesterday. It dropped out of my hand in the hallway and shattered into thousands sharp little pieces that still are spotted here and there. I used it as a bedside water pitcher. I wish I could spend this day with my son, but long distance is to blame there. So I'm seriously considering moving back up north. Life is short and we don't have an endless amount of time. Perhaps I will sell my summerhouse and buy a cheap house out on the countryside up there. However, I need to get my driving license first. Hopefully there will be time for driving lessons very soon. I know, shame on me for not having a driving license at age 50. It just hasn't been a priority before. 


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