In the wake of Corona

Have you noticed the increase in face mask marketing? Every celebrity now has their own brand and design of face masks.  However, I read something interesting today that made me realize the dilemma many celebrities have been struggling with during this time of crisis. Due to rules and restriction, or recommendations as here in Sweden, celebrities go unnoticed when they wear face masks. People don't recognize them and it has in some cases given rise to minor identity crises. Just as the quarantine.When celebrities are forced to stay at home and can't be outside showing their faces and meeting flashing lights from the paparazzi, do they still exist? Now they are posting food pictures and daily updates on what they are wearing, just as regular people, but slightly more panicky. They seem afraid to fade away into anonymity, oblivion and normality. Remember who YOU are, celebrity or not, is perhaps the personal development lesson here. When you are alone, when you are just you, who are you to yourself? 
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