Good morning Sweden

Today it's the Swedish national day. It is celebrated originally in remembrance of the day Gustav Vasa was elected as king in 1523 when Sweden was liberated from the Kalmar union, and later in remembrance of the new principles of government that was formed in 1809, which lasted until 1975.  The Kalmar union has a very nice flag though. I don't own a Swedish flag,but have a pennant in the summerhouse. It's safe to say that it's reigning heavily and flagellation is on the menu. What is Sweden today, to its people and to the world? What are countries anymore but cultural remnants of ancient civilisation? We live in a new world. Anyway, Swedes tend to eat pickled herring and strawberries and drink snaps (mostly Vodka) on this day, of which I have none. No wait, that was the midsummer menu, but the national day is perhaps like a mini-midsummer. There will not be many celebrations either because of Corona and with the recent racism uproar I think people are extra careful with expressions of patriotism too. However, I have always though countries need to be discontinued in favor of a global dictatorship with me as ruler. I think everybody would benefit from that. 😉
Kalmar Union flag.
Swedish flag. 


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