Midsummer in Sweden

It has been Midsummer holiday in Sweden. Midsummer involves a weird tradition when Swedes feel a compulsory need to play violins and dance around a penis-shaped pole. It's true. Forget about Festivus, this is worse. They also sing a special song about frogs where they sound like frogs. Then they eat pickled herring and drink snaps. As weird as it may sound the Swedes think this is perfectly normal and cherish this tradition cordially.  As a feminist reaction to the penis-shaped pole some are now making vagina-poles (make a google search for midsommarfitta )  instead. What seems important is the dancing around some kind of manifestation of genitals. Swedes are since the 1960's known as a sexually liberated people and often complain about this stereotype, but considering this midsummer tradition the rumor is understandable. My midsummer has not involved any such traditions, not even the pickled herring. However,  there has been family gatherings, good food, beach days and relaxation. Found this fantastic clip on YouTube that depicts the whole ordeal with erecting the penis-pole and the frog dance. I hope it was ok to share.  Mind you, this clip is from 2009, long before Corona and social distancing. 

Happy Midsummer !


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