Driving is not easy

As I inherited a car from my uncle who passed away in 2018 I made a decision to get a drivers license. My grandmother took hers when she was 50 and drove until she was 75 at least. So I might have a good 25 years of driving ahead, if I succeed. Why do I need or want a driving license at this age? I need a car to transport myself and to transport stuff. The stuff I need to transport is mainly garbage away from the summer house that still needs some cleaning up, and eventual things left there to transport home. Then when I have fixed up and sold the summerhouse I will use the money to buy a house that is more suitable for year-round living, which will probably be out in the countryside somewhere. If you are planning to live a functional life out on the countryside you definitely need a car otherwise grocery shopping, getting to work, gym or other places becomes extremely difficult. 

I have learned basically all the theory and could take the theory test right now, but then it's the driving test, to put all that theory into practice. I need more practice. I have practiced not a lot, but some, in my own car with a private teacher. Yesterday I took my first driving lesson at a driving school.  New car, new teacher, performance anxiety, stress, early morning. Basically everything was wrong with this setting, but nothing terrible happened. The car was a newer model with a different gear shift and the gas pedal was so light to the touch  that I just had to tap it for the car to accelerate, because it was a diesel car.  Compared to the driving school car mine is much steadier and reliable, at least to me. What I need to practice more is area scanning, perspective, lane placement, backing, maneuvering in general, looking in the mirrors, spotting the signs in time and soft deceleration and breaks. Quite a lot, but I will get there, eventually. 

I'm looking at a lot of YouTube videos on driving and have taken several theory tests online. What is interesting to note is that different driving schools have different ideas on how the traffic rules should be interpreted. For example if one should blink or not before entering a circulation. Then when I have my driving license I also need to consider changing to another car, because the one I have now is too small to transport stuff, too small deformation zones and it goes on regular gas. What would be best from an environmental vantage point is of course an electric or hybrid car, like the Tesla Model Y.


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