I have swum in the ocean

My master thesis is finally done and approved. The master diploma can however take up to 8 weeks to get according to the estimated processing time at the university. It's been a long journey and it took one year more than estimated to get it done. Instead of two years, it took three. I suppose that is no big deal, but the excitement of getting a master degree has already come and gone several times. In both my bachelor and master theses oppression, discrimination and power have been important themes that I have come to specialize in. Gendered and racial oppression and discrimination have much in common and power dynamics in most fields follow certain recognizable patterns. Maybe I should work for the Equality Ombudsman.? I will of course also continue to do research and seek a PhD student position. Where and in what field is yet to be seen. There is so much interesting research going on all over the world, but preferably involving environmental issues or animal rights.  Other than that, it's been two extremely hot weeks and beach days have been plenty. 

Photo: Angelina Elander 2020. 


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