Update Formula 1

Nothing has happened. Ok, I did the safe-driving course on the skid pad which simulates a road in heavy rain. Fast acceleration and fast braking. It was really fun. I might become a Formula 1 driver even.  No, I am a very careful driver. When I'm out practicing I often drive too slow, but the speedometer in my car is not completely accurate and shows that I'm driving faster than I actually am. We have checked this out. According to the speedometer I drive at the right speed, but double checking with speedometer- apps and the surrounding traffic, it's a little bit slow. But I think that's fine, like having a clock that is set a few minutes ahead, as it creates a time/speed-buffer. 
How it felt.                                    
What it actually looked like. 

Not me in the car, but that was the car I was driving. Note that they had electric cars at the course and they were very easy to drive. The other day when we went out driving in the city suddenly there's a brand new Tesla right in front of us. Funny coincidence as my last post mentioned Tesla. We also discussed the advantages and disadvantages with electric cars and according to popular passenger seat opinion the downside is that the batteries don't last very long and are not environmentally safe to either manufacture or dispose of. Something that I will need to investigate further. 

Speaking of funny coincidences. After posting this I went to YouTube and this was streaming where they particularly discuss electric cars and batteries. At the driving course there was also a woman with a Nasa t-shirt. Hm, and a few second after I share the live-stream it is being removed for violating YouTube policy.  What on Earth could Nasa or Elon Musk have done to offend YouTube? 😂
Maybe it's  sign that I should get a Ferrari instead. 

Let's see if this video will stick. 


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