Another great victory: I managed to pass the driving theory test! Now it's just the actual driving test left. 

Apart from that I jumped on a course in religious studies, what used to be theology, but has evolved into a broader concept of studying how and why people have the beliefs they have. This includes 'new age', zombies, World of Warcraft, Buffy the vampire slayer, need I say more? I'm having the time of my life. I actually paused my Wow account a few weeks ago and decided it was time to 'grow up', but now I have a legitimate reason to reactivate it. Hm, well I need to find an environmental angle on this of course,  but it will come. The zombie apocalypse is already upon us in a sense. Are we real or metaphorical zombies that is the question? When did we stop caring about nature and life? Environmentalism can surely be said to be a new religion as well. Perhaps zombies are a healthy expression mirroring our decay as a civilization? 


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