Hello world

Sorry for not posting in a while. Been quite busy. So where were we, where are we?  What has happened in the world? Second wave of Corona. Second coming of Christ. Jus a second. Downloading information. Last thing I remember is that I was studying religion, then something terrible happened. I received insights and memories that triggered some sort of trauma/awakening/transformation. Call it what you want, but it was intense. You know how when you have stagnated in life and it feels like you have hit the wall and then life gives you push in the right direction and everything just releases? That and this is what happened: 

I was investigating 'new age' and the concept of twin-flames for an assignment. I knew about this concept before and have always been a bit sceptic, as it sounds naive to believe there can only be one, considering the multiverse, parallell lives and dimension and not to mention reincarnation. Those are spiritual concepts I have found plausible. Anyway, not to get into many personal details here, the penny dropped so to speak. I  watched a documentary about my childhood idols Noice and had an extraordinary experience as it is called and it was overwhelming and I'm still struggling with accepting, understanding and making sense of it.  I thought I knew everything already, had all the answers, more jaded than arrogant though. But some things we don't see or understand until we are ready or strong enough to do so. Not saying I'm suddenly a firm believe in the concept of twin-flames, but definitely in strong soul connections. 

So, I am calling all conspiracy theorists in Sweden. What are the odds that Hasse and Freddie from Noice faked their deaths and moved to Brazil, India or some hula-hula island? I mean, who dies of hepatitis? Apparently it is more common to die from hepatitis than aids, in Asia! But in Sweden? We have medicins, vaccines and liver transplants available.  Soon there will even be a corona vaccine, according to unknown sources, that will cause more deaths that the virus, according to even more unknown sources. 

I'm sorry for being an idiot. This is probably not interesting for anybody but myself, but hey, it's my blog! 

Have a nice weekend and try not do die and if you are dead, come back to life!



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