I failed my driving test (first attempt)

 Today was supposed to be the day, but it was not. I had prepared, educated myself, passed all the prior tests ( theory and risks), practiced and slept well. I walked the 20 minute walk to the testing office, sat down, drank my energy beverage and decided to take out the contact lenses and use the glasses instead. I also had chosen a different pair of shoes that I usually use when I drive. I knew both those decisions were wrong and could have jinxed it. The driving examinator came out and called ny name. Nice guy, seemed sympathetic and said I had nothing to worry about. I relaxed a little. The car was the same car that I had studied on YouTube for the security check, so felt ok with that too. However, the car was much bigger than expected, which was a bit intimidating. The newer cars have pedals that are very light to the touch so I was extra careful not to press too hard and make an uncontrolled acceleration. It was dark, rainy and rush hour traffic, which led me to be even more careful and looked out for pedestrians who could rush out in the street. I was probably driving too slowly, but you are supposed to adapt the speed to the visual range. Then I got more nervous and lost track of how big the car was and in the roundabout I sort of touched the refuge with one wheel or two. After that I knew I had missed this opportunity and the rest of the drive was just about getting us back to the facility without any major accidents happening. 

Anyway, there is a study that shows that people with a postgraduate exam has more difficulties than people with lesser education to pass the driving test. Perhaps 'smart' people tend to overthink and realize the infinite possibilities of things that could go wrong, which leads to hesitations in traffic. 




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