Not dead yet. Been busy with actually living life instead of writing about it. So, where were we? What is happening in the world? The corona restrictions are lifting in many countries including Sweden so people are starting to behave somewhat like before, but still good at keeping distance and cleaning hands. People have started to focus more on domestic politics, like the price of diesel, gang violence and taxes. Concerts are back, clubs are open, but haven't been yet myself. Still at my summer house and protecting the trees, the birds, the cats and the cows. Well, no cows yet, but saw a bunch sleeping in the grass not far away. I should let go of my city apartment, get a few chickens and settle down here. Or sell, and buy something new somewhere else. Big decisions to be made. Other than that I'm taking a course in environmental psychology and continuing with my academic pursuit. Place attachment is a thing, I can feel that.

Wishing you all a great fall. Halloween is coming up, any costume ideas? I will wear my flesh suit as usual, same as every day. 😁


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