After a long time of investigating the hazards, reading all the reports and rumors I decided it was dangerous enough to give it a go, so I rolled up my sleeve and took the poisonous injection. Not because I feared getting the infection itself, but mainly because I wanted to see what the fuzz was all about. In many spiritual groupings that I am familiar with there is a common conception that the vaccine eliminates the soul. So now I am a soulless being to them and a Satanist as well, because I made an illustration of the goaty beast for a friend. I hope the irony is not lost on you here. I still believe I have a soul and I have not become a Satanist, just so you know. I did however not roll up the sleeve, I had to take the entire arm out of the sleeve because it was too tight to roll up. Coincidentally, regarding religious beliefs, when I came home from the cabin a few weeks ago a group of teens came rushing and wanted to do an interview about democracy. One question was about religion, if I had one, to which I answered: "No, I don't have a religion.". Which is true, I would never limit my beliefs into anything as narrow as a religion, but perhaps they were looking for a broader concept of religion, as for example one could say that music is their religion, or some sport. I'm feeling well now the day after the shot though. The side-effects I have experienced is fatigue and pain and numbness in the arm. 

This  video will of course be discredited by the 'believers' because it is produced by mainstream media (BBC), who according to them is part of the great conspiracy to depopulate the planet. 

Chart from Gifford, R. (2016). Environmental psychology.

Have a nice life. 



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