It's Twosday. In numerological or otherwise mystical worldviews this is a special date. It started with a phonecall from a client who refused to take no for an answer, hence this late night post. What does number two symbolize for you? According to Wikipedia this day in history has been significant in many ways. In 1371 the Scottish Stuart dynasty began, the French revolution started in 1848, the obelisk Cleopatra's needle was erected in New York in 1881, Bogd Khan was reinstated as emperor of Mongolia in 1921, the Red Army recaptures Krivoi Rog in 1944, The Corona reconnaissance satellite program is declassified in 1995 and the first sheep named Dolly was cloned in 1997.  In 1440 Ladislaus the Posthumous was born, in 1732 George Washington, in 1788 Arthur Shopenhauer,  in 1796 Adolphe Quetelet,  Zitkala-Sa in 1876 and Hugo Ball in 1886 and Kyle MacLachlan in 1959. 

Well, I think I can sleep now after listing all that very important information. 

Wishing you a wonderful and magical day. 



  1. Town I was taught Feng Shui and Space Clearing. Teacher owned 2 houses there. Only 600 residents in town. Several movies and a tv show were filmed there in the cascade mountains of Washington. Roslyn, WA.


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