Enough already

The epidemic has barely faded when Putin decides to declare was against Ukraine. Then the rattling of nuclear weapons begin. As if things weren't bad enough with a climate crisis. Who are these men in power who believe they have the power to decide over our lives? Here people are fighting peacefully for the environment and then they bring out the nuclear bombs. Are they totally oblivious to the devastation of the entire planet this will cause? These endless power games between men, the rivalry that they live for, it served its constructive purpose for perhaps 30 000 years ago.  If they believe they are acting according to Darwinian ideas of survival of the fittest in order to adapt to the natural environment they have completely misunderstood the purpose. In order to survive it is crucial to not destroy the natural environment. Or is it the end of the human civilization they are striving for?  Not only humans will suffer from this war.  Is a giant comet heading for Earth and they have all lost it and decided to blow up all the 'fireworks' before it's too late? I have so many questions. Can you please stop this warmongering? I'm sure there are better solutions. 




  1. It was not a comet, but an asteroid named 2022 AE1. It seemed like it posed a risk in the early observations, but now they have estimated it will pass Earth without hitting it. With 70 meters in diameter it would have caused some damage.


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