Hello 2022!

This is a really crappy illustration I made for a really crappy theater.

Sorry for being late.  I was stuck in traffic. 

I started to write a post a few days ago about the sixth mass extinction, but deleted it. Not that it's not relevant, it really is, but because it felt like a too gloomy start for the new year. I found some statistics that stated that only 4 % of the mammals on the planet are wild animals, the rest are humans and livestock (cows and pigs mostly). We can change this by changing our diet, it's that simple. Imagine all the land used for growing fodder that could be used for growing food for humans or even better; returned to the wild animals. Unfortunately we have heard this so many times that we are ignoring it as just another environmental nagging at our fragile conscience. We don't want to hear that our taste for meat and dairy is a problem. I have been vegan and vegetarian in periods in my life, the longest was 11 years. Now, I'm sorry to say I am cheating (with meat eating) a lot, so this post is just as much directed to myself as to everybody else. It's not just the environmental damage the fodder crops cause or the loss of habitats for wild animals , it's also how the so called 'livestock' suffer horrendously in the meat and dairy industry. They are incarcerated in tiny spaces with hardly no room to move for their entire lives, then brutally killed. They live in fear and despair. I'm sorry again, this is a difficult topic. Maybe if we start this year by dealing with what is really important first and have fun later, when we feel we deserve it, after we made a difference for those whose lives we have ruined. 

I promise next post will be more cheerful. 

This is another illustration made for Malvadal Pig Sanctuary (Grisfristad), of one of their pigs Otto. I donated it to them to use in a lottery so they can raise money to support the sanctuary

All the best



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