Could there be war in Sweden?


Illustration of the unification of the Swedish and Ukrainian flag.

We only know what we are being told and we have no idea if that is the truth or not. Seeing in media what has happened in Ukraine is devastating. Thousands have died and are fleeing from their country. Here in Sweden many people are engaging in supporting Ukraine symbolically by using the blue and yellow colors in their profile pictures, as lighting on public art, or on buildings and items.

Zelenskyj spoke today to the Swedish government. A speech that was livestreamed on many channels and also translated/dubbed in real time. Zelenskyj speaks of destiny, that it is no coincidence that both countries have the blue and yellow colors in their flags, that they have come to symbolize the struggle for freedom, justice and dignity. He also expresses gratitude that Sweden is the country that has supported Ukraine the most during this now one month long war. One could speak of a paradigmatic shift in Europe now where the autonomy of countries and peaceful collaborations have been eradicated. Zelenskyj continues to say that all countries neighboring Russia are in danger, including Sweden and that Russia already has discussed how to occupy the Swedish island Gotland. He also says that this is a fundamental challenge for the defense systems for all countries surrounding the Baltic Sea, and again expresses gratitude that Sweden made the decision to send weapons to Ukraine. Zelenskyj mentions the importance of applying sanctions on Russia and to punish the responsible people in power for their crimes of war to state an example. He invites Sweden to join in on rebuilding Ukraine after the war to show that peace is more constructive than war. He then claims that Ukraine through their actions has proven themselves to become worthy members of EU.

Although the speech was only 10 minutes long much was said. I don't know how deeply I want to analyze this, but there is of course an appeal for continuance of the support to and for Ukraine. However,  there is now an outspoken threat against Gotland, which is not mitigated by Sweden sending weapons and ammunition to a country at war. People in Sweden are locating their local bomb shelter rooms and some are hoarding up on food, but people also tend to shut these things out and live like nothing is happening. The 'ignore it and it will go away'-strategy. The refugees that are coming to Sweden need help and this has also caused debate where refugees from different countries are polarized against eachother. 

The illustration of the joint flags is not meant as any type of statement, just wanted to see what it looked like, very green, military green though. 

Much to think about. 




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