It's a Tik Tok world

Greetings dear readers. 

Sorry for not posting anything in August. My ambition is to at least post once a month and say something substantial. Let's see how that goes. I'm not the chatty type exactly. I speak when I have something to say, but I must admit that I have improved my small talk skills a bit. Small talk is important when building social relations. It matters less what is said, just that the one keeps the conversation and communication going. However, I believe I express myself better in writing than in speech. Which is something that became painfully clear yesterday when I went on a job interview. I had managed to write a really sassy application that was so good that they decided to call me in for an interview. Ok, it was probably due to my education in the field of communication and management as well. The interview was early in the morning and as known I am not a morning person, but I was there in good time. At first they presented an elaborate power-point and basically held an almost 45 minutes long presentation. Very well done. I felt honored to be considered for this position and was impressed that they had prepared this much for each applicant. I smiled, nodded and agreed during the presentation, didn't want to interrupt with question. After the presentation they had a form with questions for me to answer. I don't remember all the questions, but one in particular was when they asked about my bad sides, what I feel I need to work with. People usually prepare for job interviews and this question is one to expect. However, and this is going to sound so confused, I had no idea what job I was going to an interview about until the night before when I checked my word document history to find the application. It was a really good letter. I understand that they liked it. I have applied for several jobs lately, am studying simultaneously and taking care of my mother, so time is not on my side right now. Anyway, back to the question regarding my bad sides. First I said I was not a morning person, which generated some laughs and agreements. Then they asked if there was anything else. I had to think for a while and consider which one of my bad sides is neutral enough to mention ( I can't for example mention that I tend to be a bitchy prima donna most of the time) so I said that I sometimes need time for myself to focus on specific tasks. Maybe that was really bad for this position as project leader. I don't think it's true either. I think what I really need to work with regarding my personality is trust. To learn to trust that people like me, want me around and appreciate what I bring to the table.  To not be so shy in social situations. It often takes me a while to adapt to a new group. First I observe and listen, then engage. They were going to call a few people to a second interview. I hope they call me again.  I have also applied for a job as gym instructor, but maybe I'm too old, weak and shy for that too. 😅

Otherwise, I'm studying strategic communication and parapsychology. Almost like my gym planning there. I usually do two gym classes per day, one strength/cardio and then reward myself with a dance or aerobics class. Parapsychology is the study reward. 

Ok, what does this have to do with Tik Tok? Absolutely nothing. I'm just there soaking it in. I have avoided this app before, but now I'm stuck. I like it though, it shows all the riots in Iran where women are burning their hijabs to protest against the killing of Mahsa Amini and how the Islamist government is oppressing women. It also shows how the Cern Large Hadron Collider has created dimensional portals or rifts in  reality which has given rise to a massive invasion or perhaps decloaking of UFO's. Then there's a lot of shuffle videos which has also made me determined to learn how to shuffle. 

Life is exciting. 

Peace & Love



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