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To be on top of things and keep track of what is going on in the world is essential for any organization, corporation, company or public figure with a image and reputation to uphold, otherwise you just fade away from the market, stop existing. It's a scientific fact.  In a sense this page/blog is an attempt to do just that, but it's not always one keeps track of everything going on in the world. It's too convenient to only focus on what oneself is doing in the world and what the world is doing to oneself. I have been guilty of too much introspection in that sense lately. Focusing on my studies, work and workout. Those three mainly with rotating priority. Family issues have also taken my time and attention, but I will leave that out here. This is not an excuse for not taking the time to write. I am well within my schedule of one post per month. To the point. What is going on in the world right now that needs my attention? I was about to say absolutely nothing at all and go back to watching TikToks about contouring. It's so easy to become hypnotized by media, eye candy, mind candy and feels, it's all there, all the time. The egocentric support and maintenance facilities. Of course there is the climate change, environmental degradation, animal extinction and exploitation to pay attention to, but where are those issues in the news right now? There is not much media coverage of COP27 in Sweden anyway.  Do we want to forget and think about something else for a while? Have we come to a point of environmental fatigue? It's possible. There has been too many catastrophes following one another: climate crisis, pandemic, war and now inflation. Everything has become super-expensive. Because of the Russian/Ukrainian war, they say. When the war ends, will the prices go down? No. The rich need to become richer, that is the plan and have always been. What else? Space, the final frontier.  Artemis has still not launched to the moon. It has been postponed several times. The newest date is November 16. I hope they make it this time. I think space exploration is important and a natural development of the species. Of course, the resources could be used to improve life on Earth, but there are enough resources for both endeavors. If we are looking for means for even distribution of resources, we can start with banning war on the planet. Maybe if evil aliens attack we will need those weapons of mass destruction, so we can keep the armory, but not to make war here on Earth.  Or maybe the final frontier lies in science, to explore the inner universe and the correlation between quantum physics and the mind, but don't mind me, I'm just too awake to go to sleep and too tired to do something better. Ok, post of the month done. Blessed be the fruit. That series is giving me nightmares. Nothing is more frightening than religious men in power positions. So well done though.

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